A Best Home For You

Let’s Help You Find The Best Home For You

Finding the home that’s right for you does not have to be complicated. Does the traditional MLS and bank financing system have you frustrated and losing faith in your ability to own a home?

Don’t be left out just because you’ve been rejected for traditional bank financing before. How to buy a house with no money down or how to get pre-approved for a home loan and home loans, in general, are among the most asked questions on the internet. But first things first, let’s look at what we can help you with:

Step # 1 –  Find the best way to buy and fund your purchase for you.


Step # 2 –  Look at homes that fit your needs and buying terms.


Step # 3 –  Seal and close the deal on the home that you live in a neighborhood you desire

Look, it does not make any sense to try and get you into a house you can’t afford. That’s why we look at your situation and help you determine the best purchase and financing options that fit your needs and your pocketbook.

In the times of the “housing bubble”, unscrupulous mortgage lenders put folks into homes that they could not really afford. The plan was that the home’s appreciation would allow the home buyer to pull out more money by refinancing after only a short time.

Well, that worked for a while, but when the bubble burst, scores of homeowners were hit hard by the reality of payments they could not afford and mortgages that were much higher than the actual value of their homes.

side from giving the entire mortgage industry a bad reputation, these practices have done a lot of damage and are even the very reason why many home buyers today experience a lot of uncertainty and rejection.

So even though you wonder how to buy a house with no money down, the best way to create a stable financial future is to think of all the ways you can raise that initial cash (ask friends and family, sell assets like cars, boats other ‘toys’, deferred income, borrow on a 401K and many more) to make a down payment which will make it possible for us to offer you creative financing, get you in the (house) door and help you build the credit history the banks want to see for you to qualify for a refinancing.

At Breezopoly we understand that your situation is unique and we believe that you deserve individual attention to find out which purchase and financing program is the best fit for you.