How To Create Your Own Real Estate Deal Package & Financing Credibility Book

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The Deal Analyser Suite

Get the entire calculator suite to run your multifamily real estate business.

  • Includes the most comprehensive commercial real estate analysis tool, the “Commercial Multifamily Deal Analyzer”. Yep, it works for self-storage too 😉
  • Gain access to my updates guide and learn my “30-Minute Offer” technique that lets you determine the maximum allowable offer you can make for a property in just 30 minutes or less.
  • Create detailed 3, 5, 7, 10-year projections, how to structure the deal with your private capital investors, key-principles, loan guarantors, and how much you can pay yourself as the syndicator.
  • Become a Deal Analysis MASTER so that you can make offers weekly and confidently.
  • We highly recommend our accompaning “One on One” Multifamily Real Estate Coaching Time.

All major credit cards and TranserWise are accepted.

Welcome to “Real Estate Deal Package & Financing Credibility Book”

Stop fretting over how to impress lenders, banks, capital investors and partners that you can pull off a multifamily real estate deal. Spending Hours Analysing Your Commercial Real Estate Deals and Make Offers in Less Than 30 Minutes

Yes, you can try spending dozens of hours putting your own simple resume together, but unless you’re a spreadsheet expert and reports-designer, not only will you go insane and miss many details getting the thing right, but more importantly you shouldn’t be spending your time on hacking, but rather making offers to brokers and oweners to acquire properties. You are a multifamily or self-storage real estate entrepreneur, not Woz, Steve or Elon.

This offer comes highly recommended with an optional “One on One” Coaching Call, the accomaning Property Deal Analyser Suite and a “One on One” Analysis Feedback Meeting Call which can be booked and purchased separately or in a bundle at a discount.

This package will teach investors how to create an effective business plan for their real estate business. We call it our Credibility Book, a business plan that details an investor’s strategy, any current holdings, a plan to purchase undervalued assets, case studies and their personal plan on how to purchase future properties and the strategy they utilise to create value for themselves and their investors.

This package is for any investor who wants to:

  • Crystallise their business plan
  • Focus on a specific niche
  • Communicate their plan clearly to potential investors and lenders
  • Be prepared for their next deal

You will learn how to stand out and impress a banker, lender or anyone else on your A-Team, by using our sample deal package and credibility book by the attention to detail and professionalism we exhibited, (the exact model we will be teaching you). It was all there structured for him and easy to consume and understand. This book separated us from the novice beginner and helped us to establish those crucial relationships in real estate with our bankers and investors.

This package is not only for investors, but can also be employed by:

  • Other real estate professionals who want to convey their message to their clients
  • Real estate brokers who want to highlight their strategy to sell homes
  • Fix and flippers who want to raise private money

Each will all find our credibility book indispensable to delivering our message.

As a student, you can expect to:

  • Be able to design your own personal credibility book
  • Learn how to build case studies
  • Begin to focus on a niche in real estate (if you don’t have one already)
  • Emerge as a professional with “credibility”

To help you build your book, in this package you will be receiving:

  • Our Sample Deal Package & Credibility Book to model as you build your own
  • A guide to designing your Sample Deal Package & Credibility Book
  • A template used for you to easily design your own Sample Deal Package & Credibility Book


If you want to learn how to find and analyse deals like a pro, make sure to head on over to our The 90 Day Multifamily Real Estate Challenge Coaching Program which is a fundamental to understanding basic and advanced real estate investing strategies and essential in analysing commercial multifamily and self-storage properties. It is suited for active or passive turnkey real estate investors who want to learn the nuts & bolts, use comprehensive evaluation tools to gain more clarity and make sound and educated decisions on their investments.

Should you need assistance in your first few deal analyses, just book a feedback report using our Multifamily Rental Property Investment Analysis for any of your deals you provide us or get the VIP treatment by having our underwriter (395 nationwide deals analysed to date) walk you through your deal by booking some “One on One” Multifamily Real Estate Coaching Time. Best of all, if the numbers pencil out and you would like us to partner with you and bring our investors on board – you have that option.

Yes, we can also do the entire deal analysis for you. Just book our complete Multifamily Rental Property Investment Analysis Premium package and off you go.

To gain time and keep focus, you have realised you need to outsource your evaluations to our underwriting team. We have analysed 350 nationwide deals to date. You prefer us to do the analysis for you and give you a report and feedback call: head on over to our Multifamily Rental Property Investment Analysis.

Our Deal Analyser Suite includes:

  • A comprehensive deal analysis.
  • An optional 15-30 minute live analysis coaching call.
  • General Partnership and LP splits.
  • Modelling for 4 scenarios and more.
  • Various exit strategies.
  • IRR, ARR, CoC, ROI scenarios.
  • 3, 5, 7, 10 year P&L projections.
  • Transparent & Customisable.
  • Acquisition-, management-, and disposition fees.
  • Helps create and support your deal packages.
  • Save time, Learn how to analyse a deal, Add instant credibility.
  • Premium Support & Free Updates.
  • …and so much more.

It’s all about the numbers in real estate! Learn how to analyze those numbers like a pro!

  • Deal Analyzer: Learn how to analyze a multifamily deal quickly and accurately. Discover the benchmarks we use when analyzing deals, and find out what makes a winner and a loser. The numbers don’t lie, and the deal analyzer will paint an accurate picture.
  • You can purchase financial models from other sources but they are either “black-box” software or non-editable spreadsheets. In either case, you can’t understand and learn the formulas behind the numbers and you can’t customize them the way you want. The Deal Analyzer is a fully customizable Excel spreadsheet, and all formulas are clearly visible.
  • Budget: Learn how to prepare a budget for your multifamily property. This calculator is ideal for investors trying to raise private money or secure financing for their deal.
  • The analyzer incorporates returns for investors and compensation for yourself. I have not seen a financial model out there that lets you “play” with different investment structures for your investors (such as a simple loan, straight equity, preferred rates of return and combinations thereof). The Deal Analyzer also shows you the impact on your returns if you pay yourself. The guideline is, you can pay yourself as much as you can as long as your investor returns are achieved. But how much?
  • Use the analyzer to create a teaser deal package in minutes. Once you completed your dat entry into the deal analyzer, it makes it easy to copy and paste all aspects of the deal to the “Teaser Deal Package” that you can give to your investors, bankers, and other professionals.
  • Apartment Turn: Learn how to estimate the amount of capital needed to turn an apartment. Vital for all beginning investors. No more hidden surprises when renovating an apartment.

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