A True Win Win

Traditionally, when buying and selling houses, most folks call on real estate agents to help them find the best home or the best deal, These agents usually focus on an interchange of available properties for sale, called the “Multiple Listing Service” (or MLS for short).

The truth is that the homes listed on the MLS are only a small fraction of all homes. There may be many more available for you to buy at any given moment in time. In fact, the best deals are often homes that you are NOT able to find there…

At Breezopoly we buy several homes directly from homeowners in distress each month. And because we buy and sell them often without agents, we can make them available to you directly at substantial savings.

So why won’t real estate agents show you homes that are not in the MLS? The answer is simple: Because the AGENT is not protected in these deals. With homes that are in the MLS, the seller has agreed to pay a commission to the agent or agents who broker the deal.

When you work with Breezopoly you have access to the best financing options. Furthermore you gain access to a wide variety of homes that most real estate agents wouldn’t even present to you. Plus, you’re saving money because we buy low and sell low because we can.