Hidden Savings Secret

Today’s interest rates are at their lowest levels. Home prices are more affordable today than they were in the entire past decade.

Owning a home is often less expensive than renting – even without looking at the biggest hidden secret to savings.

In fact, tax savings and benefits are often unknown to new and prospective home owners. Let me explain. Did you know that you get to deduct some expenses on your tax return? When you pay mortagage interests on your primary residence rather than rent you can do jus that!

But not only that! Even as you move in to your own home, you get to claim more exemptions with your employer immediately. That means you will see an immediate increase in your monthly take-home pay, because less tax will be withheld from your monthly paycheck.

If you account properly for the tax savings, owning a home can cost up to 30% less than renting, and sometimes your savings can be even greater.

The “Power of Ownership” and being able to do what you want in your own home without having to ask your landlord are just two great benefits. Add to that the actual savings through tax benefits, principal pay-down and low interest rates, and you will agree that it does not make sense to keep renting.

Still thinking that you can’t afford to own because you have been turned down for financing before? Start the easy home ownership process with breezopoly right now!

Knowledge is power and that is what we bring to you. We designed our program specifically for you. Thats because we believe in you and we believe that you have a right to own.

Our job is to show you how put that plan in action.