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A Home Seller’s Guide to Pocket Listings

This unconventional approach is having a come-back and just may help sell your home faster.

Many homeowners list with an agent or realtor as the first choice of trying to sell their home. What they find is that agents often can’t market the property right and generate very few showings.

But as the seller, you’re going to be the one most affected by how it’s marketed (you keep paying the mortgage for months). Sadly not every tactic works for every home.

While most sellers choose the traditional route of marketing their home on the local multiple listing service, pocket listings – or private listings – are enjoying a revival due to their advantages. Here’s what you need to know about the option of a pocket listing, and how to determine if it will better serve the sale of your home.

It can be difficult to find the right agent to sell your home. The truth is, and we’ve met hundreds over the years, a good portion of them are new to the real estate business and have only held their license for a few months or years. Due to that they are inexperienced and don’t know the true values. Likewise, they don’t have access to alternative selling or financing strategies when they take on new listings. And what do they have to lose? After all, you are making the house payments. It’s your problem when it doesn’t sell and sits on the market for months and months.

Trying to Stop Foreclosure or Behind on Mortgage Payments?

Quite frankly: Properly marketing your home for sale today is not as simple as it was a few years ago. Today, with the explosion of the internet and social media marketing, listing a house in the MLS and putting a sign in the yard simply isn’t enough.

Furthermore, it is becoming mainstream news that student loan-burdened millennials have good paying jobs and want to buy their first home but can’t qualify for an unconventional loan. We’re talking 67% of all applicants fall short of getting a loan due to their prior educational financing obligations. This doesn’t mean friends and family wouldn’t be more than happy to help out with a financial starter kit. But sadly it just doesn’t cut it for the banks.

That’s where the Breezopoly team comes in. We are not real estate agents – we are real estate solution providers. Our program allows us to buy your property directly and set up our vetted tenant-buyer quickly. When we agree to meet with you, we are not looking to “sell” the home for you. If your home meets our buying criteria you will have a digitally signed contract from our title-, escrow- and legal team within 48 hours (yep, no paper – let’s go hug a tree), and we will close very quickly or give you the time you need to move.

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