Rethinking Credit

At Breezopoly, we understand that credit is an important piece of the purchasing puzzle. And also that it’s necessary for our clients to reach the home ownership finish line. That’s why it is important for us to help our new clients take the right path to “independent home ownership.”

False Beliefs: Most people who have had what we call “A Credit Event” are led to believe that their right to home ownership has been revoked. And that their credit is a cross that they have to carry around for 7 to 10 years. (Friends, family, co-workers and THE MEDIA all contribute to this false belief.

This is the first thing our clients discover! And you can see how liberating this knowledge is: No one can stop you from getting financing a home because of credit.

The right question is “How fast can we reach the finish line with the right credit plan in place” 

It is our job to fast track your home ownership through credit planning.  Your house is much closer than you think.

At Breezopoly, we show our clients that getting a home and getting financing are available by taking the right deliberate path to homeownership. What we have found out is: that for tons of families if put in place the “Credit Path To Home ownership Blueprint”. Our clients can not only follow the simple plan specifically designed for them. They also reach the “Home Ownership Finish Line.”

We not only find your next personal residence for you and your family, we make it “Your Home.”