The 90 Day Multifamily Real Estate Challenge Coaching Program

$2,995.00 (excl. tax)

90 Day Challenge Coaching Program:

  • 12 Real-Time, 30/60* Min. One on One Coaching Work Sessions
  • Direct SMS Team Access Channel
  • Deal Evaluation Sparring Partner
  • Complete Multifamily Specialised Documents Vault
  • Spreadsheets, checklists, worksheets, email- and phone scripts, the works
  • Multifamily Real Estate Deal Package & Financing Credibility Book
  • Team Collaboration Board incl. Extensive Knowledgebase
  • Time Tested Systems to Streamline Task and Communication Processes
  • 50% Discount Code† for Spouse or Partners
  • Discount Codes†† for previously purchased Credibility Book Package
  • Refund Guarantee upon Successful* Deal Partnership

Choose to pay all at once at a discount or in easy instalments by using any major credit card.

The highest success rate will occur when you subscribe to Ken’s 90 Day Multifamily Real Estate Coaching Program. Why? Because 93% of all people who say they want to make a change, fail, due to the lack of having a coach who fills in the knowledge gaps, questions their self-set limiting beliefs, brings new perspectives and insights into the game, and most importantly – holds them accountable for their tasks and commitments on a regular basis. It’s one thing to read books, listen to podcasts, attend a boot camp, have a blueprint, a guide, a script, a program, a plan, a process, or a system, it’s a whole other ball game executing on them. Every day. Every week.

As a committed student, you become a preferred client and will receive a discounted price compared to the “One on One Multifamily Real Estate Coaching Time” one-hour session package price. In addition, only available in the full program, you will receive all the documents and tools you need to get started and succeed** in learning how to search, find, evaluate and close on a multifamily apartment deal.

What You Get:

  1. 12 weekly 30/60 min One on One online coaching sessions.
  2. Deal Master Mind Group. Learn how and/or walk through your deals with Ken as a sparring partner to increase your underwriting skills, understanding and confidence (a $795.00 value*)
  3. Access to Ken’s Personal Team Collaboration Board to work out your real estate business tasks and apartment opportunities with Ken and his team(a $595.00 value*).
  4. Access to the valuable and time-saving Document Vault containing all vital documents, email- and phone-scripts, agreements, spreadsheets and much more (a $595.00 value*).
  5. Learn the language and skills to make a professional impression as a new syndicator and investor with brokers, CPAs, property managers, general contractors, legal advisors, SEC attorneys, lenders, banks, private investors and more(a $495.00 value*).
  6. Access to Ken’s team of experienced co-sponsors, professional financial team and private investors to qualify for a joint venture or general partnership (priceless).
  7. Access to Ken’s Deal Evaluation Team when you’re ready to have them crunch the numbers and decide on a partnership with you (separate fee).
  8. Access to Ken’s private and curated Multifamily Real Estate Facebook Group.
  9. Check Lists: Deal Progress Tracker, Private Capital Investor Tracker, Deal Readiness Questionnaire and much more.
  10. Essential Reading- and Podcast Listening Tips, Events, Meet-Ups, Webinars, Keynotes and much more (a $295.00 value*).
  11. Curated Multifamily Apartment Investing Resources, Deal Mastermind Email List, 21 Ways to Find the Best Real Estate Sub-Markets, How to Analyse and Make Offers on Apartment Buildings, How to Raise Money on Your First Apartment Building, and much more (a $495.00 value*).


But wait, there’s more…

Ken really wants you to succeed**. Why? Because he knows how it feels to get all the smarts but never close the circle in the end. This is the whole reason why we’re doing the coaching program. So as a SUPER BONUS incentive, if we partner on a deal and succeed in acquiring a property together, Ken will pay me back the entire amount of this coaching program once the property is funded and acquired. Details will follow.

  • *If offered and bought separately.
  • ** Success has many variables, determined by the markets, your mindset, focus, discipline, resilience, tenacity, diligence, patience, commitment and a few other essential characteristics or events beyond anyone’s control and therefore cannot be guaranteed.
  • †Purchase the 90 Day Challenge package to receive an email with your personal 50% Discount code for partners.
  • ††Applies only if the 90 Day Challenge Package has been purchased at full price.


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