“One on One” Multifamily Real Estate Coaching Time

$59.95 (excl. tax)

Each 60 Minute Session Contains:

  • 30 Minute Real-Time, One on One Coaching Work Session (Phone/Skype)
  • 15 + 15 Minutes Pre- and Post Briefing Email Summary and Take-Away
  • Deal Evaluation Sparring Partner
  • Get better equipped in making educated real estate business decisions
  • Multifamily Specialized Documents Vault (optional)
  • Team Collaboration Board to manage and process your deal flow (optional subscription)

Major credit cards and PayPal accepted.

Do you feel stuck? Isn’t it time you put all your learning to use? Isn’t it time someone helped you rise above the clutter and distractions to regain clarity and focus on your weekly steps? Are you looking for someone to keep you accountable and on track? Or maybe you want deal-specific advice? Perhaps you want someone to look over your shoulder as you get started. If you want to do your first deal as fast as possible, then check out these coaching options.

It’s time to go ahead, kick the tires, and schedule some “One on One” time with Ken today.

Each 30-minute (or above) session consists of 15 minutes pre- and post-session preparation time and 30 minutes “One on One” real time to discuss your ideas, questions, and challenges.

Your 30 min sessions are meant to give you a sample of how we might proceed together when you commit to the 90 Day Multifamily Real Estate Challenge Program.

As an added bonus remember to claim your free guide “21 Ways to Find the Best Real Estate Sub-Markets” after your session.




STEP ONE: This is what will happen next.
When I sign up below and pay $ 59,95 via any major credit card or PayPal, I will have the opportunity to book a 30-minute consultation.
After scheduling, the system will automatically block Ken and my calendar, reserving time for me to speak to Ken personally.
As part of the 30-minute consultation, Ken includes a 15-minute pre- and a 15-minute post briefing in which he will compile an email with tips, links, and resources we’ve discussed on our call for my further studies and research.
Ken and I will talk through my real estate topics and mutually determine, if and how real estate in general or multifamily real estate in particular or partnering with Ken is right for me.

STEP TWO: This is what happens after the 1st session.
If Ken and I decide we are not a good fit, then I will still come away with insights on how to get started or unstuck with my real estate investing endeavor, selecting the perfect real estate market or how to structure deals with investors to create cash flow.

If we decide we are a good fit, I can

a) continue booking 60-minute consultation calls with Ken for $59.95 or better yet, I can

b) subscribe to a monthly plan of “4 x 60 minutes with Ken”. This means more Q&A time on my focussed multifamily real estate subjects. This essential activity is highly recommended and will keep me on track and help me reach my goals faster. For my higher commitment level, Ken will discount my sessions by more than 10%.

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90 Day Multifamily Real Estate Coaching Program

The highest success rate will occur when I subscribe to Ken’s 90 Day Multifamily Real Estate Coaching Program. Why? Because 93% of all people who say they want to make a change, fail, due to the lack of having a coach who fills in the knowledge gaps, questions their self-set limiting beliefs, brings new perspectives and insights into the game, and most importantly – holds them accountable for their tasks and commitments. It’s one thing to attend a boot camp, have a blueprint, a guide, a script, a program, a plan, a process, or a system, it’s whole other ball game executing on them. Every day. Every week.

I become a preferred client with a reduced session price on:

  1. 12 weekly 60 min One on One online coaching sessions.
  2. Deal Master Mind Group. Learn how and/or walk through your deals with Ken as a sparring partner to increase your confidence.
  3. Access to my Personal Team Collaboration Board to work out my real estate business tasks and apartment opportunities with Ken.
  4. Access to the valuable and time-saving Document Vault containing all vital documents, email and phone scripts, agreements.
  5. Learn the language and skills to make a professional impression as a new syndicator and investor with brokers, CPAs, property managers, general contractors, legal advisors, SEC attorneys, lenders, banks, private investors and more.
  6. Access to Ken’s team of experienced co-sponsors, professional financial team and private investors to qualify for a joint venture or general partnership.
  7. Access to Ken’s Deal Evaluation Team when you’re ready to have them crunch the numbers and decide on a partnership with you (separate fee).
  8. Access to Ken’s private and curated Multifamily Real Estate Facebook Group.


But wait, there’s more…

If we partner on a deal and succeed in acquiring a property together, Ken will pay me back all my coaching sessions once the property is funded and acquired. Details will follow.


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