Multifamily Rental Property Investment Analysis

$99.95 (excl. tax)

Welcome to the “Multifamily Rental Property Investment Analysis + Email Feedback Report

This package is best for passive turnkey or active multifamily real estate investors who want to gain more clarity to make sound and educated decisions on their investments. This offer comes with an optional “One on One” Analysis Feedback Meeting Call which can be booked separately or in a bundle.


Multifamily Deal Analysis (Underwriting)

– Do you crave a sparring partner to give you some sound feedback on your BRRRR or any of the other BiggerPockets Rental Property Calculators?

– Do you need more than the limited ‘Fix ’n’ Flip’-, BRRRR-, Wholesaling-, Mortgage Payment-, Rehab Estimator-calculators because you are getting into the next game level of commercial multifamily?

– Are you venturing to expand into commercial size multifamily and need a much more precise calculation and more scenarios to work with? Like lending- and general-partner equity splits, waterfalls and exit strategies?

Yep, that’s what we thought many moons ago and graduated to much more complex property underwriting spreadsheets that take ALL the factors into account that are necessary to really master your future multifamily real estate investment portfolio.

So look no further. We have analyzed several hundreds of varying sizes of US multifamily properties nationwide.

CRE 5+ Unit Property Investment Analyzer – Comprehensive

Our $99 Analysis includes:

  • A comprehensive deal analysis
  • A 15 minute live analysis coaching call
  • General Partnership and LP splits.
  • Modeling for 4 scenarios and more.
  • Exit strategies.
  • IRR, ARR, CoC, ROI scenarios.
  • 3, 5, 7, 10 year P&L projections.
  • Acquisition-, management-, and disposition fees.
  • …and so much more.

We’ll deliver your extensive evaluation spreadsheet via email within the week after making an appointment and payment. All we need from you, prior for us to get started, are the offering memorandum (OM), the trailing 12 months (T12) income and expenses and current rent roll (RR) which are all available from the listing broker.

Optionally, and we highly recommend it, we coach you on your deal and give you feedback and perspective for better decision making.

We are multifamily apartment syndicators and investors. We know what you’re looking for. Who knows, we might even have the opportunity to partner on a deal together and grow our portfolios faster.

  • We have the partners to access capital to do a deal together if the numbers pencil out.
  • Save time on trying to figure out all the pieces involved in your own.
  • Gain clarity on Commercial Multifamily Real estate Syndication Underwriting.
  • Save money on bad deals by getting access to comprehensive analysis and a coach and make better and educated real estate investment decisions.
  • We extract and analyze your multifamily opportunity personally from property data, rent rolls and operating statements you provide us.

Enough said, go ahead, kick the tires, and book you’re analysis here or better yet schedule the all-inclusive “Analysis + One on One Feedback” time with Ken or Christine today.

Each 30-minute (or above) session consists of 15 minutes pre- and post-session preparation time and 30 minutes “One on One” real time to discuss your ideas, questions, and challenges.

This session works best in conjunction with your prepared analysis but can be booked individually to gain further focus and clarity on any multifamily real estate related topics.

This 30 min session will also give you a sample of how we might proceed together should you be interested in diving into…

The 90 Day Multifamily Real Estate Challenge:

  • 12 Real-Time, One on One Coaching Work Sessions
  • Multifamily Specialized Documents Vault
  • Deal Evaluation Sparring Partner
  • Team Collaboration Board

All major credit cards and TranserWise are accepted.

After your session remember to claim your free guide “21 Ways to Find the Best Real Estate Sub-Markets”.

Book Time With Ken Now.

Learn how to become a confident syndicator and investor how to deal with brokers, CPAs, property managers, general contractors, legal advisors, SEC attorneys, lenders, banks, private investors and more
Access to Ken’s team of experienced co-sponsors, professional financial team, and private investors to qualify for a joint venture or general partnership.
Access to Ken’s Deal Evaluation Team when you’re ready to have them crunch the numbers and decide on a partnership with you (separate fee).
Access to Ken’s private and curated Multifamily Real Estate Facebook Group.

But wait, there’s more…

If we partner on a deal and succeed in acquiring a property together, Ken will pay me back all my coaching sessions once the property is funded and acquired. Details will follow.



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